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WHO logoWHO             objective, is the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health. 

care                is an independent humanitarian organisation working to end world poverty.


Dr Rath             New Global Healthcare System


OHF                  is a registered charity in Singapore ... helping the poor in Third World Countries. 


CARE India         working in the fields of education, health, family planning, development, and nutrition.


Bonnie Babes Foundation  provides support for Australian families who have lost a baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or prematurity. Raises funds for medical research into pregnancy loss.


WCF                 World Children's Fund is a non-profit, charitable organization whose ultimate purpose is to facilitate caring and sharing of aid to needy.


BBF                  Blind Babies Foundation is a non-profit organisation that partners with families to cope with the impact of childrens blindness.


Kids In Danger     is a nonprofit foundation concerned with protecting babies and young children from defective products.


Save Babies Through Screening is a non-profit organization that will directly benefit the cause and the children affected by newborn screening disorders.


Child Care


Caring for Animals

WildAid              is a non-profit organization founded by dedicated environmental advocates.

Meat rix  Best flash animation I have seen in a while with a real message, "Buy from your local farmer."
Mad Cows  view this animation to find out how to spot a mad cow


Animal exploitation
WARNING Our image gallery contains extremely graphic images.

Animals Voice       image gallery     All-creatures          Photo Gallery



Caring   in   Singapore
Action for AIDS
Anglican Welfare Council
Animal Welfare & Control - Centre
Asian Women's Welfare Association...services for the disadvantaged from infants to the elderly.
Catholic Welfare Services
Directory of Organisations
Handicaps Welfare Association...enhancing the quality of life of people with physical disabilities and integrating them into mainstream society.
Home Nursing Foundation
Kidney Dialysis Foundation
List of Approved Institutions of Public Character and Central Fund Members...Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
MCDS Community - Helping the Needy - Welfare Homes...The Destitute Persons Service (DPS)
Methodist Welfare Services...operates eldercare homes, welfare programmes, family service centres, childcare centres...
MINDS...Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore
National Council of Social Service...Be A Volunteer
Ngee Ann Kongsi...in educational, cultural and welfare activities.
PERTAPIS...Welfare Trust Fund.
Presbyterian Community Services (PCS)...promote and further the welfare of children, youth, the sick...
Ramakrishna Mission Singapore...Welfare Activities.
SINDA...Singapore Indian Development Association
Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic...for people receiving social welfare aids and those above 60 years of age.
Singapore Buddhist Lodge Welfare Foundation
Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services (SBWS)...serving the poor and the destitute by providing relief funds and medical care.
Singapore Cancer Society-Welfare Services...mission to prevent and control cancer.
Singapore Epilepsy Foundation...welfare of people with epilepsy
Social Services-About Voluntary Welfare Organisations...What is a VWO?
SPCA...Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
Sunlove Home...is providing residential care to 200 intellectually disabled individuals.
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI)...runs a home providing nursing care for the elderly.
The Boys' Brigade in Singapore...fund raising committees for other welfare organisations.
TOUCH Community Services (TCS)...give hope, love and a helping hand to the needy and disadvantaged.
Voluntary Welfare Organisations...List of Voluntary Welfare Organisations.
Warita...Allowance to nine Muslim welfare homes.

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