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4 28/3

Action for Singapore Dog. A group of volunteers who come from all walks of life but are single minded in our belief that we can make a difference to the unfortunate animals that are abandoned, abused or homeless.

Dogs for Adoption


3 11/2

Visit the SPCA pound at 31 Mount Vernon Rd  (off Barley Rd)  from 10.30am-3.30pm (Mon-Sat; closed on Thurs), 11am to 3.30pm (Sun).   Adoption is free, but you pay for sterilisation, vaccination and deworming, costs which may range from $50 for male cats to $130 for female dogs.

gallery SPCA's counsellors

6287 5355

2 11/2 Animal Lovers League, believes in giving strays a chance at a quality life.  The League focuses on sterilising dogs and cats so they do not add to the stray population, and feeding them so they do not starve.  A non-profit organisation.    All costs are met through donations and $1-per-month subscriptions from the 300-plus members. no photo Cathy Strong

6755 1424

1 9/2 69 beautiful cats in need of love.
These cats were purchased by some ex-cat lovers and are now abandoned in a half way house.
They are now taken care by Alison & friends.
The population is growing and are seeking new homes.
Clean & Healthy.
Seeing is believing.
no photo Alison Soh

Useful Links
The following is a list of useful links. If you wish to be added to this list, please send us an e-mail.

Care For Animals   "The Caring Profession"
FAQ - Rabbits and Rabbit Care  addresses basic care, medical issues, behaviour, socialization, and other
Care for My Cat  offers information about cat health, care, behaviour, and more.
Animal Health Care   features tips and guides for dog, cat, farm, and exotic animal owners.
Samudra Aquarist Fishgate (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka's leading exporters of live ornamental fish for the last 35 years.


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