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Welcome to Country Lifestyle Pond

 CountryL offer professional services in landscape/pond consultation, design, construction and maintenance.

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Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump Prices

Speed 30 S$ 130.00

Speed 50 S$ 150.00


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Applications for fish pond filtration system.

Booster Pump

Click picture to enlarge  CL Booster Pump Network

CL Booster Pump Installation

Booster Pump Applications

Booster Pump Prices

* Ideal for average homes with modern appliances to 

   large double storey homes

1 Toilet Application =1 Tap, 1 Shower, 1 WC

* Domestic water supply  
* Pressure boosting  1 Toilet Application:      S$900.00
* Automatic water transfer    2 Toilets Application:    S$1,000.00
* Applications where pressure "cycling" must be avoided     3 Toilets Application:    S$1,250.00
   or where pump may have interrupted water supply  
* Marine Applications  
* Automatic applications for Gardening, Rain & Mist.  

Biofilter Bag (Biological Filter Bag)

What is Biofilter Bag?

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1) 50cm x 60cm (0.5cm mesh)

2) 60cm x 60cm (findly mesh)



Corals as filter media & to cultivate bacteria growth.

 ZEOLITE for reducing Ammonia concentration & to improve water quality.

Small, Medium, Large

Large (4cm x 5cm)             Small (2cm x 3cm )

          S$ 19.50  ( 10 kg + Biofilter Bag )

S$ 18.50  ( 5 kg + Biofilter Bag )


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